Shopping in Athens with a Personal Shopper

Athens city is the capital of Greece. It took its name from the ancient goddess Athena. It is thought the town to have at least a 3000 year old recorded history and this makes it one of the oldest cities in Europe. Athens city is known all over the world as the cradle of a great civilization and for the Acropolis. It is the place where the political system of democracy, sciences and philosophy were born. Today, it is the commercial, cultural, financial, political and industrial fashion center of Greece.

During you Athens stay, you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty and elegance of the local market.
Beatrice Ergas, working for over 25 years in the Greek fashion industry with designers, retailers and magazines, knows Greek market, the best of it and where to find it.
With her life-long passion for fashion, she will take you shopping and help you choose the best possible clothes for you and your lifestyle. Also, original gifts for friends and family, depending on your purpose, budget and time, select the ones that will fit you best and impress your friends back home.

A fashion and lifestyle professional living in Athens, your personal shopper will guide and assist you in English find the clothes that fit you best.

She can also be, your personal stylist for an exclusive event such as a wedding, christening, anniversary, whatever you dreamed to organize in Greece, working together with her chosen team of experts.

A personal itinerary based in your particular needs will be created when she will meet you at your hotel in Athens.

From the luxurious shops to the funky boutiques, it’s time to make your dream come true and …”shop till you drop”!!! If you wish to have a vehicle,or even V.I.P limousine, please let me know.

This is how it works: Fill in the questionnaire below (we guarantee the privacy of the information). Indicate the time you have for shopping with your personal shopper (half a day, one day, more) and the date of your shopping in Athens.

Your personal shopper will contact you by email in the next 48 hours, discuss by email or skype your wishes, propose you a customized shopping itinerary in Athens at the date of your convenience.

Don't hesitate.
You will save time, discover great fashion stores, find clothes that best fit you and your family.
You may also save money through informed purchases and special rebates.

Best Regards
Beatrice Ergas
You own Personal Shopper

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